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Fizz with head tilted looking at camera

Fizz was the love of her owner's life in countless ways, and had a much longer, healthier, and happier life than we ever thought possible.

Through Fizz's determination, the veterinarian's expertise, God's grace, and her owner's devoted care, Fizz lived to be 11 and 1/2 years old—over three times her expected lifespan! We miss her deeply, but know she is having a wonderful time in heaven and is going to greet us when we get there.

One of the incredible things that almost always happens when you help an animal is that your own life is enriched in ways you could never have imagined. Not only are you making a difference in an animal's life, but your own life becomes much better than before.

Through our written materials, we want to pay tribute to the amazing difference Fizz has made in our lives and to help other animals and children. Our children's book, Four Seasons in the Spring House, is the first product available after switching from selling catnip socks. We felt that by changing product lines, we could reach a wider audience and raise more money for animal charities and children's organizations.

For more details about our company's purpose and direction, please visit our Mission page.

Warm regards,
The FLF staff